Wisdom Pools — A Leap Forward in DeFi Wisdom

3 min readNov 24, 2020

The blockchain industry is disruptive. We know that, but with how fast everything is moving, it’s painfully difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on, if not downright impossible. We can get a surface knowledge of trends by reading the latest news and talking to casual enthusiasts, but without a deep understanding of up and coming technologies, your chances of getting lost in the noise and missing out are alarmingly high.

Are you literate about our core niche or industry technology?

Do you know which DeFi projects are going to trend in the near future?

Are you sure about your crypto investment strategy?

Or if you’re developing or planning to develop in the DeFi industry, are you going to implement the ideas you have about your project without a shadow of a doubt?

You have questions, we’re sure, but perhaps the biggest question is where you’re going to get the answers you need to succeed.

The answer is Wisdom Pools by Experty.

Wisdom Pools are an innovative solution to wisdom sharing. They allow you to get the answers you need and dig deep into topics so that you can be better informed by specialists in your given field.

Currently, Wisdom Pools with Experty are concentrated in the DeFi space. They improve the flow of reliable knowledge on fair terms. You receive only relevant contacts, regarding your field of interest, so you don’t waste time on unrelated requests. This enables the liquidity of knowledge in a new and more efficient way.

Via Wisdom Pools, people looking for answers can connect with experts, and experts could expand their network and let new leads reach them. It’s a win-win situation.

The knowledge around crypto should be valued and channeled through a robust network. Lack of crypto knowledge has led to uncertainty towards adopting crypto-based tokens and assets. With Wisdom Pools, we aim at encouraging the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

The idea behind Wisdom Pools is to democratize access to the world’s knowledge. The network is designed to connect people with each other and co-exist in the most knowledgeable ecosystem possible. The network aims at offering a level playing field for individuals and professionals who are looking for wisdom or are keen to share it. In return for experts’ knowledge and time, the network will fairly reward them and motivate them to share their expertise with the seeker.

The Experty team is composed of technology enthusiasts who have a proven track record and years of experience in developing innovative applications. They are tied together with a string of inquisitiveness and ambition to solve problems that may arise, using the most advanced technologies available.

Are you an expert in your field?…

Meet profitable conversations — receive relevant messages from founders, executives, and researchers interested in DeFi. Bring the crypto world closer to everyone who needs that. Join the Wisdom Pools.

…Or maybe you need to make the best possible decision for your DeFi project?

Wisdom Pools remove the barriers to wisdom, giving you quick and easy access. Receive many replies in 24 hours. Browse the Wisdom Pool.

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