The Official Experty launch is Today!

Our mission is to provide payment solutions for consultants, experts and consumers online and to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale by creating an intuitive, easy to use application that is suitable for wide scale usage. We have put a lot of time and great effort into making this happen, and have received fantastic support from you, our community, along the way.

The Experty app is available for immediate use on Web and Android. If you already have the testnet version of the app on your device, we recommend that you delete it before attempting to install the latest version. The app will be available in the USA, China, and Japan in the next week.

To celebrate this release, we are also unveiling the new Experty website, which contains essential information about the application as well as a place to find and contact Experts.

Within the Experty app, anyone can call an Expert, but ownership of an Expert account will be initially available via individual codes distributed to our First Circle Experts. We want to ensure top quality experts are available directly at launch. We would also like to refine their experience with the feedback we receive before giving full Expert access to everyone. Experts have a more technical version of the app which gives them absolute ownership of their funds and account. They will need to save and backup their seeds phrases as one would do with any other cryptocurrency wallet.

If you would like to apply to be a recognized Expert, please click here:

In the last few months our team has been simultaneously developing the software and refining user experience with UX focus groups. We have been developing additional features to improve the general UX for the application on the knowledge seeker’s side; making it easier to log in, acquire funds, and start making calls. We are implementing these new features to accommodate non-technical users. Many knowledge seekers don’t want to deal with the hassle of remembering seed phrases and passwords just so they can call someone, which is why we are allowing them to bypass this with a simple social media login. This means that more users can begin using the app and making calls far more quickly than before.

Your Experty Login in the Web App:

Viewing Your Contacts as a Knowledge Seeker in the Web App:

Viewing Your Messages and Calls in the Mobile App:

Your Options, Wallet, and Profile in the Mobile App:

Payments are still made with the EXY token, but users will also be able to purchase it within the app with their credit card, ETH, and DOCK. Purchases made with your card are 3D-Secure. As usual, you may always transfer EXY straight into your account as well. Knowledge seekers currently will not be able to make withdrawals after they charge their account.

Check out our updated FAQ if you would like to read more about the Experty app:

We are excited to bring you the Experty app, and very are grateful for the support we have received from you along the way. This release is just the beginning. Our Web and Android apps are now ready to use, and iOS will be available as soon as it’s approved in the app store. We will be introducing new features and improvements to you regularly. Thank you for being a part of the Experty community.

The Experty Team

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