The Dollar Vigilante Becomes Experty Ambassador

Experty has some exciting news.

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A few days ago we spoke with Jeff Berwick about Experty on his popular YouTube channel, The Dollar Vigilante (over 135k subscribers from crypto). You can view the discussion HERE. Jeff has done his research and has decided to become an ambassador for Experty! We are very happy to have him on board.

Speaking of why he’s promoting Experty, Berwick commented:

I’m going to be using the product myself because I think it’s very needed. […] There’s going to be a huge demand and need for Experty. I’m really looking forward to seeing it launch, i’m looking forward to seeing the ICO come out as well.

What does this mean for Experty?

Jeff is very influential in the crypto scene. During our talk with him, he stated that Experty is very needed and that he will be using the application. Blockchain experts and influencers such as Jeff have the power to expand and strengthen the community around Experty.

The Experty buzz is growing as major players in the crypto scene continue to get on board. We are currently registering interest for the pre-ICO, with bonuses up to 60%. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get involved too!

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