The community has spoken and we have listened! Details about the hard cap have been updated.

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We’d like to thank our wonderful community for the incredible amount of feedback we have received. After reviewing the suggestions from our community, we have decided to set a 9,000 ETH hard cap for the Experty token sale.

Please note that:

  1. We’re not pegging the ETH price to any value. We are setting the hard cap relative to the ETH price so that it comes out to roughly $9M. The base EXY price will remain as 1000EXY per 1ETH.
  2. Based on interest documented in the Proof of Caring portal, we’re currently over 5x oversubscribed. It’s very likely that not all participants will be able to get in during the pre-ICO due to the low hard cap, and the main sale is likely not going to happen at all.
  3. Priority for the pre-ICO will be assigned based on commitment to the project, so higher Proof-of-Caring tiers will be first to receive their allocations.


The Experty Team

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