Rebranding and Token Upgrade Announcement
3 min readOct 21, 2020

Experty’s mission is to build wisdom pools that enhance global growth by democratizing worldwide knowledge and information exchange.

We use decentralization and distributed approaches to create new fair opportunities for everyone.

We are excited to introduce the new Wisdom Pool feature — a new way to broadcast a message to many professionals at once and get replies within 24 hours.

This system is designed to support both the sender and the receivers of the message, so someone in the pool can refuse to answer a question if they choose, but we have created an incentive for them to answer in the allotted time. We recognize that time has value, and we wish for the application to reflect that.

With this new feature, Experty will also undergo rebranding. All currently developed functionalities will remain available.

Considering the situation related to Kucoin described in this Medium post, and the upcoming Experty rebranding, we are also preparing an EXY token swap. The new token would be Experty Wisdom Token.

What is the $EXY swap program?

There will be no change to the core functionality of the app. It is important for us to stress that the total token supply will also remain the same.

Once the swap process is complete:

  • The ecosystem will use one new streamlined token with the combined functionality, rather than two separate tokens.
  • All functions currently attributed to $EXY will still exist and will be preserved, but will be enhanced and represented by the new token.
  • $EXY that is not swapped will still exist and circulate on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens, but will no longer support these tokens, and no service or product will require or permit usage of these tokens.

Experty Wisdom Token Contract Version

The new token will use the ERC-677 token standard, which is 100% compatible with ERC-20. This means that ERC-677 works everywhere that ERC-20/ERC-223 does but has additional functionality and is better optimized.

ERC-677 is used by a number of well-known crypto projects, such as Chainlink.

Further information about the ERC-677 standard is available on GitHub.

A Brand New Token Ecosystem

Experty Wisdom Token will have significant improvements over its predecessor, mainly to ensure that it complements the new functionality of the Experty ecosystem and gives token holders a better experience. Some of these include:

  • Increased Liquidity — One of the goals of this new launch is to bring more liquidity to Experty users, encouraging the adoption, usage, and easy exchange of the token.
  • Technical Improvements — The new token will use the ERC-677 token standard, which is 100% compatible with ERC-20. This means that Experty Wisdom Token will work everywhere that an ERC-20/ERC-223 is able to, but has additional functionality and optimization.
  • Governance — Users will have more control over the wisdom they receive. Experty Wisdom Token will be the governance token for the Experty ecosystem and enable wisdom liquidity.

Feel free to check our new website and revolutionary tool to share or gain knowledge in DeFi while waiting for the swap process to be completed. Join the Wisdom Pool today.

Stay tuned. More updates are coming within a few days.

— The Experty Team