Letter from Experty CEO Kamil Przeorski

Experty CEO Kamil Przeorski

I want to take the time to thank many of you who I have had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with over the last few months. In the past 6 months, I have traveled to several cities and met so many people who have been very supportive of our mission.

Our Experty community has been growing quickly, on our telegram channel and on twitter. We have a large community that is actively engaging in conversation and asking questions. I wanted to thank each and every member for being part of this amazing journey and for helping with Experty’s growing success. We hope to keep the conversation with our community going and we appreciate your continuous support.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions so we can make the best platform for our users. We hope to keep up the engagement with you over the next few months, and look forward to your continued involvement. A few people have been very active on telegram, I wanted to send them a special acknowledgement, JL Durga, Gods Power, Tuna, naga27, Mark Savage, Haitham Khalifa, Adrian Constantin Mitrea, City Bug, Torledo. We appreciate your active role in the community.

We believe in our product and our mission, and we believe that with the help of the community we will revolutionize the consulting industry. We hope to empower others and bring Experty to the crypto community and eventually reach mainstream adoption. Our goals are ambitious. Your support in the coming months will be critical to our success. I thank you all for your help and look forward to providing some great updates in the near future.

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