Knowledge Without Limits — How Wisdom Pools are Set to Shake Up the Knowledge Sharing Economy
2 min readDec 9, 2020

Democratizing access to the world’s knowledge

The blockchain industry isn’t full of people with degrees and certifications, but that doesn’t mean that those involved aren’t experts. Surely, what makes someone an expert has little to do with where they went to school and much more to do with the skills they can contribute.

In order to take full advantage of the skilled people available, we can’t pigeonhole experts based on degrees, recognizing that the current socially accepted standards for experts are quickly evolving and moving away from this, especially in the crypto space.

Experty created DeFi Wisdom Pools to provide a place for crypto experts and wisdom seekers to unite and work together. Whether it’s for business ventures, blockchain learning, or DeFi crypto advice, Wisdom Pools gather hundreds of years of combined business and blockchain knowledge to serve up the maximum impact for everyone involved.

The barriers to knowledge don’t have to be boxed in by university degrees and who you personally know. They can now be accessed via Wisdom Pools so that you can focus on learning and acquiring knowledge from people with real-world experience.

The digital gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge

Accessing people with real-world, practical experience and knowledge can be more efficient than sorting through years’ worth of paid courses at a college or university.

Wisdom Pools offer a congregation of real-life experiences that can be shared in a meaningful, important, and worthwhile way. This bridges the gap between learning and practical application, giving both wisdom providers and seekers a tool that benefits them.

Further benefits of Wisdom Pools

The cutting-edge model we offer is designed to engage people with valuable experience and knowledge and those willing to learn and pay for those assets. Wisdom Pools incentivize responses to queries in a span of just twenty-four hours, so users on both sides experience the benefits of the Wisdom Pools without waiting.

With Wisdom Pools, users have access to DeFi knowledge that isn’t yet available via traditional routes due to the cutting-edge nature and ever-changing environment around the Decentralized Finance space.

Additionally, the collective wisdom of experts can be accessed on-demand, further pushing Experty’s Wisdom Pools as a necessity for anyone involved or interested in DeFi.

If you want to join many others in the discussion on Wisdom Pools, the DeFi Wisdom Pool Facebook group awaits you. Alternatively, you can dive right in and find out first-hand why people are loving Wisdom Pools by joining one today!