Important Experty pre-ICO update [22 of Jan]

Hello, we would like to inform you that due to overwhelming response and feedback we have decided to delay the pre-ICO until January 25th at 12pm UTC. There has been an explosive demand to participate in the Experty pre-ICO that has exceeded any prior expectations and we would like for you to have more time to get approval through Bitcoin Suisse.

Furthermore, we have been communicating with Bitcoin Suisse and they have hired more external people to help with the KYC. We are providing a form for you to submit information to them about your KYC if you have been waiting a long time to be approved.

Here is the link to the form (Resolve KYC issues):

Our Telegram channel is always open for discussion for you at

Thank you very much for your loyalty to the Experty project. See you at the pre-ICO!

P.S. Please remember the message that we published few weeks ago on our website:

We are aware of ongoing scams, such as offering extra tokens for “open crowdsale” and impersonating member of the team. These are not true and are scams.

Contributions will only be accepted through Bitcoin Suisse. All community contribution will go through Bitcoin Suisse platform ( Experty does not take contribution through any Experty website or social media.

Best Regards,

The Experty Team

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