Experty token coming to the mainnet and more exciting progress

Dear Experty Community Member,

We are moving forward with the project and we are glad to have you with us. The EXY token will be live on the Ethereum mainnet at the end of February 2018. We also have an exciting additional announcement once the token is live. Please stay tuned and join our telegram for discussion with the community:

We have prepared a new video of the current state of the application:

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Screenshots from our YouTube video:

We are now wrapping up the primary development phase and will be looking for a security audit company. In the meantime we would like to give an opportunity for our supporters to test the app on the Ethereum Kovan Testnet. Once we are sure the app is secure and well tested, we will launch it on the mainnet.

We are releasing the Experty testnet App to our Partner Tier members first to gather their feedback, and it will be available for the other tiers in the community soon after. Please email us at if you are interested and mention your Tier Level in the email itself. We are starting with Android devices first, so make sure that you have one if you would like to test the app.

Bitcoin Suisse is finalizing all pre-ICO contributions and document processing. We kindly request that you contact us at if you have any further questions about this.

Regarding the 100EXY claim, we are working on a tool for claiming those tokens. We will update you on this process within the next 2 weeks in a separate post.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community.

Best Regards,

The Experty Team

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