Experty Taking Over YouTube!

We are excited to announce that Nick Nimmin is joining Experty as our consultant as well as our new ambassador and will also be announcing the winner for our upcoming YouTube video contest.

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Nick is a video influencer, video consultant, and YouTube expert with over 160,000 subscribers and currently growing over 600 subs a day.

He is well respected in the YouTube community by small and large channels alike and shares Experty’s vision for growth and expansion.

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Nick will be using the Experty app, as well as discussing and promoting it alongside his regular videos and will be representing Experty at international speaking events.

If you would like to meet Nick personally and talk about Experty, you may do so in August at Video Marketing World — Dallas, Texas. Or in October at Vid Summit — Los Angeles. Also, If you happen to pass through Chiang Mai, Thailand, feel free to hit Nick up to sit down for a coffee and discuss what Experty can do for you.

Furthermore, Nick will be announcing our new “I love Experty” video contest as well as the winners of the contest LIVE on his official YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more details.

Thank you Nick, we are excited to have you on board!

The Experty Team

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