Experty Strategy for Q2

Today we are bringing you an update on our strategy for Q2, as well as a quick overview of everything we have accomplished in Q1.

In Q1 we saw amazing responses and feedback from you, our community, about the Experty application. With this feedback in mind, our developers have improved the app, which can be viewed in our Q1 update and demo video here:

Here is some of what we have planned for Q2:

Maximum security testing and penetration tests. We are currently negotiating with several security penetration companies to provide the best possible security for our users and the app. We have already signed an agreement with one company and we are working on more security audits for the mobile app.

A functional web version of the Experty app. Our developers have already begun working on the web version of the app.

Improvements in User Experience. We are talking with UX companies as well as sourcing quality onsight usability testers for early feedback on app design and ease of use. Once the web application is ready, we will to do security penetration testing with the same intensity as the mobile application.

Influencers and Marketing. We are in contact with several influencers about their use cases for Experty. You may have already seen some of our influencers’ videos, which you can view below. We have many more videos on the way from other influencers as well.

Nick Nimmin:


TheDollar Vigilante:

Our Experty Video Contest ends April 21st, so don’t miss out!

We encourage you to participate in our ongoing contest where you can win over $5000:

Check out some of videos that have been created by others in the community already:

The next few months are going to be very exciting. We are working on some special strategies for increasing awareness in the blockchain space and attracting major influencers to Experty. Thank you for supporting and being a part of the Experty community.

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