Experty Ready to Expand Beyond Blockchain!

Announcements, competitions, influencers, Mainnet, YouTube and more..

We have a lot of exciting news and updates for you rolling out this week and over the next few months as part of our ongoing marketing and sales strategy. We are starting RIGHT NOW!

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We realize that social media is not only the most effective way to reach our community, but also the best way to expand and take Experty to a wider range of audience. As you may know, video is the most engaging medium used today and is one of, if not the top platform that influencers and creators are using to engage with their audience and potential customers.

We have hired some of the very best video experts to help expand our YouTube channel as part of our long term social media campaign. Expect a full rebranding of our YouTube channel page along with announcements, videos, giveaways, competitions, news and more.


Ambassadors are highly effective and used by all the top brands worldwide to cut through the clutter and communicate their product. With Experty this can be challenging as our Ambassador needs to be and expert, influencer, and have knowledge of video and media.

We have effectively onboarded a top influencer and expert who is known and respected in their field as our ambassador and we will be announcing who it is in the next few days. He will also help us onboard other experts and influencers.

To make things even better, their area of expertise is YOUTUBE and they will be announcing the winner of our new competition LIVE on their YOUTUBE channel.


We are launching an exciting new competition with a total of $5000 in prize money and $100 of EXY or ETH (Your Choice) for the first 10 entries. This competition has viral potential and is designed to attract new users and expand our reach beyond the cryptosphere to non crypto related people. The winners will be announced LIVE on our ambassador’s YouTube Channel, bridging the blockchain and non crypto community and expanding awareness on YouTube — Stay tuned for details in the next few days.


Our developers have made great progress on the application. We are making some final tests, tightening some nuts and bolts, and we are almost ready to have you, our community, test it for yourselves.

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We have more announcements and news coming over the next weeks and months. So stay tuned.

The Experty Team.

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