Experty Pre-TGE: Rewarding Those Who Care

  1. We would like for you to contribute by reviewing our project, inviting others to our telegram, getting a blockchain influencer interested in our project, writing a blog post or creating a video, and sharing your review of Experty with other cryptocurrency groups. Focus on creating quality work.
  2. Sign up for the pre-contribution to register your interest in participating. You will be prompted to upload proof of your work.
  3. Once we have received sufficient submissions, we will make further announcements pertaining to the pre-contribution.
  • Write a review about Experty on your local cryptocurrency Facebook group
  • Review the Experty whitepaper and make a public post about it
  • Make a quick YouTube video about Experty on your personal channel
  • Invite your friends to our Telegram group
  • Review the project, and write a blog post about it
  • Create a video ad that we can upload to the Experty youtube channel
NICOLAI OSTER & MAURO CAPPIELLO (advisors) with Kamil from Experty upfront the Bitcoin Suisse office



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