Experty Partners with Dock

At Experty we’re always aiming to bring you the best. That’s why we partnered with to give you the most secure way to login to the Experty app. Here is why we highly recommend using Dock.

Dock takes your personal data seriously. Concerns about what companies are doing with your personal data have skyrocketed, and with good reason. Most companies don’t take it seriously enough.

Dock lets you choose what you share, keeping your data safe and secure. In addition to this, they are reliable. Both Dock and Experty have followed through with their mission post-ICO, and are now working together to bring even more value to you.

Dock is so good that it has been more popular than our Google login option. Find out why people love Dock by checking out their website here:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about our partnership with Dock as we continue to improve our integration.

Learn More about Dock:

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