Experty January App Updates
2 min readFeb 1, 2019

Earlier this year we provided you with an update about our future plans to improve the application for you, and now we are ready to show you our updates.

The Experty app is getting a new user experience. We are bringing you one seamless login experience regardless of user type. Before this, experts and callers would need to log in separately. Now all users have the same initial flow and login, making it easier and more straightforward for you to use the application.

Take a look!

New combined caller and expert user login
All accounts start out as caller accounts until upgraded within the app. To do this, click on Upgrade to Expert and fill out the form.
The expert account now has the dashboard.

All of these changes are cross platform, and will be available in all versions of the app.

You may also notice some other changes within the app. Payment methods have changed slightly because we are giving you a more efficient payment experience. We are fine tuning your experience based on research and feedback. You can also look forward to advanced payment methods in the near future, which we are currently working on. These will be ready for you soon.

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The Experty Team