A New Dimension of the Sharing Economy

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Connecting People to Knowledge Worldwide

Have you ever come across an expert online and wanted to talk to them directly? Only to email them with no response. Enter With our working platform, now entering closed alpha, you can request direct access to anyone worldwide. Knowledge providers set a by-the-minute rate, and through the Ethereum blockchain, charges are accrued during the call, and instantly settled at the end of the call. In a rapidly changing world where one-on-one access to everyone has become possible, you can now share time, advice, or knowledge at your designated fee. Access to knowledge providers can be shared through a link placed on any website or social media profile. It’s that simple. incentivizes knowledge sharing and allowing for efficiency and transparency of charges. Users know exactly what the charges are, and know the funds reach intended provider. This process also signals to knowledge providers that knowledge seekers are willing to pay for the exchange, which prevents haggling over prices and prevents wasted time determining how the transaction will take place. Most services like this take a large portion of any money you earn during their use. Experty doesn’t. Anyone can offer their services, at any time, for any price, and expect to keep the vast majority of money they make.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Experty was created to dispel the confusion around pricing services and eliminate lost revenue during frequent ad hoc conversations. is a brain child of React Poland, a proven software development team comprised of about 10 members. Acting as a consulting service for over 30 applications worldwide, React Poland is no stranger to the issues that go hand in hand with consultations, and they have set out to solve them.

Experty isn’t just for already established knowledge providers or for a special centralized network of people. It also provides a revenue stream for sources of niche knowledge around the world, including those without access to a traditional banking system. Anyone with a need to do so can now talk directly with anyone else at any time with the click of a button.

Want to learn more about what it takes to be a program developer?

Need to discuss geopolitical complexities of someone in the affected region?

Are you a physician who wants to consult on global health initiatives?

Going to Italy and want to learn the language with a conversation?

Is it 4AM and you need some advice on your project that’s due tomorrow?

Do you want to raise money for charity by giving back your time?

Your flight just got delayed and you want to earn some extra money?

Not sure where to source the freshest ingredients for your plant-based diet?

Experty will easily provide for all of these use cases and more!

With a conventional interface and exceptional back-end, the Experty mobile app will be straightforward and easy to use. It puts the power in the hands of it’s users, literally. Experty’s main platform is mobile. That means wherever you go, you’re only seconds away from a valuable knowledge exchange with anyone in the world.

Read the Experty whitepaper here.

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