Experty at the Mobile World Congress 2018

M.W.C. The Mobile World Congress, is where Samsung launch their new Galaxy each year and is the place where the future of the mobile industry is discussed.

Experty was there with our Chief Strategy Officer Gregoire Boutonnet, sharing our vision with Ledger, Mastercard, Twilio, CLX, Acrobits and more leaders in the space.

Here is what they had to say…


“Experty’s Knowledge sharing platform is a modern way to empower people and is aligned with our values”

MasterCard is highly involved in the telecom industry, especially in fraud detection for mobile services’ prepayments.

MasterCard may make it harder for people to buy cryptocurrencies by allowing banks to charge higher fees on transactions through Coinbase purchases, but the executive of MasterCard answering our questions regarding cryptocurrencies stated that they would make sure that the crypto-sphere is treated equally than any other businesses.

They also believe that Experty’s knowledge sharing platform is a modern way to empower people and aligned with MasterCard values.


“Experty may become a global communication solution”

Acrobits is one of the leading voice and video communication software company used by telcos, MVNOs…, with more than 120 Millions endpoints !

Rafael Torreblanca, the co-founder of Acrobits, see’s Experty in the near future not just as a knowledge spreading solution, but with the potential of becoming a global communication solution.

He insisted that by 2022, radical changes will occur in the telecom industry with the recent satellite offer by E.Musk. New players leveraging the confidence of blockchain will emerge paving the way for a new future.

Thank you Rafael for sharing our vision and we are looking forward to meeting with you again.

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Left: Stan Kutil, C.T.O. Acrobits. Javier Prinzon, C.E.O. Uff Mobile. Rafael Torreblanca, C.E.O. Acrobits. Gregoire Boutonnet, C.S.O.


We took the opportunity to chat with Nicolas Bacca — CTO and co-founder of Ledger-. Nicolas is a strong believer of privacy in the digital industry.

Ledger has raised 75M Dollars in a serie-B round through regular VCs. It helped them build a credibility as a mainstream company, helping us (the blockchain industry) get more traction from the traditional world.

Congrats to Nicolas and his team, thank you for your views and we look forward to meeting with you again.

Twilio, CLX…

Are the providers of large SMS solutions, used by Uber and other leading companies. They are now looking into voice, video, enriched messages…

In that regard, Experty may be seen as a future partner to add charging & blockchain solution to the current model.

As a matter of fact Petter Bengtsson — VP North America of CLX — insisted on the need for the telecom industry to take a deep look into the blockchain ecosystem.

We are already making plans Peter. Thank you!

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