Claiming Your Kovan EXY / ETH and App Release Update

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This is your guide on how to claim your free Kovan ETH and EXY tokens.

In order to use the Experty app, you will need both EXY and ETH on the Kovan Ethereum testnet. Keep in mind that the Experty app is currently only accepting transactions on the Kovan network, so the EXY and ETH that will be used has no monetary value. You can claim kovan ETH using this guide.

In order to get Kovan EXY tokens, you will need to send an email with your kovan ethereum wallet address to

Viewing the kovan EXY in your wallet can be done in the same way as regular EXY, but you will need to use the kovan contract address instead of the mainnet:


Once you do this, you will be all set to use the Experty app!

In addition to the Android release tomorrow, we have some exciting news. The web and iOS versions of the Experty app will be ready to roll out very soon! You can check out a demo of the web application in the video below.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. We have many more exciting releases and surprises to come.

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